About Us

Raphael Pangilinan is the ingenious force behind Konus Design.  His creative eye for detail, artistic mind-set, refined level of craftsmanship skills combined with a background in architecture gives him the unique ability to integrate lighting and furniture concepts into exceptional one-of-a-kind products.

A parfumerie Product Development Manager in France for seven years, he strove relentlessly for perfection with small and full-scale model production and design execution; from the simplest creative ideas to the most complex pieces that require repeated experimentation on prototypes to exactly simulate the characteristics of his intended designs.

Meanwhile, Lalena's creative passion for clean and polished designs and collaborate effort on each product's aesthetic imprint, inspired colors, and conscientious scaling completes Konus Design's philosophy.  
Both their unbending principles in recognizing the value of products that has been expertly constructed with utmost care and passion without sacrificing real craftsmanship at the expense of expediency, helping clients understand the difference between great design vs a good design and steadfast presence in unwilling to sacrifice attention to little details, durability and functionality have been their driving force to relentlessly strive for perfection and quality that earns them respect and a reputation  for creating products that rises above mediocre.

Konus Design was nominated for best in "New Design" and "Emerging Artist" at the Philippine International Furniture Show in the Philippines in 2010.  In 2011, Konus Design was featured in MyHome Magazine under "Genius Work, Special Issue 2011" and BluPrint Magazine under "Pinoy by Design - Global Pinoys, Speciall 3 Issue.